Apt & Commercial Accounting Features

Advantos ERP BackOffice™ is a full service accounting and property management software package that combines property management functions with a full complement of accounting functions, including payables, receivables, general ledger (with full financial reporting), work order maintenance, budgeting, multi-state and multi-client payroll, and a complete banking module (with ACH, Credit Card and Lockbox processing). These functions all integrate seamlessly within a single database.

Batch Processing

All processing can be done in batch mode. For example, post receipts for any or all properties in just one screen. Then, a single click will post all deposits to all bank accounts for all properties while printing deposit slips for each bank account. Our batch processing works for all data entry and display/print reports. Think of the time saved! You don’t have to navigate in and out of projects to post for each property and print separate reports. Want a delinquent aging report for some or all your properties? Simply identify from a pop up list the properties you want, or select all properties, and seconds later reports start printing separately for each of your properties.

Multiple Resident Names

Each unit can have more than one resident name associated with it.

Automatic Prorate Calculation

Mistakes are eliminated in pro-rate calculations. Simply identify the unit and indicate a ‘move-out’ and the software calculates the pro-rate and vacates the unit. It’s simple and fast.

Recurring ACH/E-Check Payments

Our powerful banking module helps you increase your cash flow and lower delinquencies by letting you maintain and create recurring ACH payments from your residents. With a single click the file is created and forwarded to your bank, automatically posting the transaction to the resident unit.

Lock-box Processing

Lock-box processing is also available, taking the file from your bank or other 3rd party payment processors and posting the transactions to resident accounts automatically.


Quickly and easily enter budget data for any month or year, allowing for instant comparison with actual data.

Mass Dues Change For New Fiscal Year

Dues changes for the new fiscal year can be automatically calculated and posted without manual calculation or effort.

Purchase Orders

Purchase order processing lets you create and track purchase orders through the entire process, automatically completing the purchase orders as purchase order invoices are entered and paid. This process allows managers to track expenses by unit, vendor, type of expense or any number of other requirements.

Electronic Ledger Cards

Completely eliminate the need for manual ledger cards on any homeowner. With our unique move-in processing, a homeowner ledger has an accurate balance at all times, making it easy for managers or others to instantly view resident charges, credits and balances.

Automatic Income Postings

Our monthly posting process posts dues, extra recurring charges like special assessments etc. and dues increases for all units in one swift process.

Late Fees

Save time and effort by automatically calculating and posting late fees each month for all properties with a simple click of a button.

Software Generated Receipts

No more manual receipts given for resident payments. Our software generated receipts can be given to the resident when payment is made. This leaves a record of receipts given and matches payments applied to resident accounts. Experience has shown that this significantly reduces instances of fraud.

NSF Charges

The entire process of NSF reversal is handled in one screen and takes just seconds to complete.

MICR A/P Checks

No need to inventory and stockpile boxes of checks. No more moving boxes of checks into and out of your printer when doing A/P check runs. Load our blank check stock into your laser printer and run checks for as many different bank accounts as you want, all in one complete check run.

Automatic Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation can be completed quickly with bank provided files that automatically reconcile posted items.


Advantos ERP BackOffice™ software offers multi-state payroll with automatic payroll deposit. All payroll transactions are automatically posted to general ledger without any requirement for journal entries.

Recurring A/P Invoices

There is no need to manually post recurring payable invoices and other fixed expenses each month in accounts payable. Our software automatically creates recurring A/P invoices each month, saving time and effort in your accounting department.

Recurring Journal Entries

Recurring journal entries can be set up to post automatically each month, saving time and effort on processing these transactions each month.

Your Company Accounting

Advantos software maintains a separate accounts receivable module for your own company books. This integrates into the entire software package, allowing the A/P checks and financial statements on your company to be maintained with Advantos software. Strict security requirements allow only specific authorized people with access to sensitive company information.

Flexible Financial Statement Reporting

Each property has its own chart of accounts. Each property can have its own unique account numbers. Each property can be set up as cash or accrual accounting for income, expenses or both. Properties can have their own categories within the Income Statements or Balance Sheets. GL accounts on the Income Statement and Balance Sheet can be consolidated into other accounts for display purposes. Different properties can be consolidated into one property for display of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Unique financial statements can be created in Excel with new monthly data automatically downloaded into the spreadsheet.

Bank Accounts

Our banking module is designed to make it easy on you. Our software keeps track of all running bank account transactions – just like your personal check book – on any bank account. Press a key and view any running bank account listing for any month and year on any bank account – checking, money market, C/D, savings or other investment accounts.

Write checks out of any bank account – not just a checking account. If you want, have receipts automatically deposited to one bank account and A/P disbursements paid from another.