Payroll End-of-Month Checklist

The end-of-month process is required before each module is updated for the month. This checklist is designed to prepare the needed reports and run the required balancing before updating the module. Users should complete each step in order for ALL clients.     [Print this page.]

For Month Of:    
 EOM Task to Complete..... Date Date Date Date Date
 Prepare the Payroll Data....
 P/R > Employee Info > - Enter Employee Data from W4 Form
 P/R > Employee Info > - Enter Employee Salary Data
 P/R > Reports > Miscellaneous - Print "Name & Date" Report  (verify)
 P/R > Reports > Miscellaneous - Print "Salary" Report
 P/R > Calculate Payroll > Timesheets - Enter Timesheets
 P/R > Calculate Payroll > Timesheets - Create Salaried Timesheets  (if applicable)
 P/R > Calculate Payroll - Print Timesheets  (verify with above data reports)
 Run the Payroll....
 P/R > Calculate Payroll > Payroll Calculation - Run the process
 P/R > Calculate Payroll > Earnings/Tax Reports - Print 'ALL' of the Reports
 Verify and sign the Payroll Check(s) - no need to sign if direct deposit.
 P/R > Calculate Payroll > Void Checks - Enter any Void Checks
 Deliver "NACHA" file to Payroll's Bank  (if necessary).
 P/R > ACH Processing > ACH Settlement  (if necessary).
 Distribute Original Payroll Check(s) to Employees  (if necessary)
 Process "ACH Settlement"  (clears ACH transactions)
 Run End-of-Period Processes....
 P/R > Payroll Processing > Create Tax A/P Invoices
 P/R > Reports > Earnings Reports - Print "All" of the Reports
 P/R > Reports > Yearly Reports - Print "Check" and "Tax" Reports  (year-end only)
 Prepare and Mail "State SUI" Report  (include check - usually qtr-end only)
 P/R > Reports > Withholding Reports - Print Federal 941 Report  (qtr-end only)
 Prepare and Mail Federal 941 Report Using Above Report.  (qtr-end only)
 Prepare and Mail "Yearly Federal 940" Form  (year-end - send before Jan 31st)
 P/R > End-of-Month - EOM Update
 File all Timesheets & Reports in the Monthly File(s).

Please complete this checklist in the order indicated. Place a check-mark in the checkbox when the task is completed. When the checklist is complete, file it where such process-control documents are filed.     [Print this page.]

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