Remote Site Access

Since our property management software is server based and web-enabled, resident managers and other remote-site users can quickly and easily access our unique web-based remote menus. Our software identifies them as a ‘resident manager’ and displays a unique sub-set of menu options, from which they can process payments and run various reports. All they need is a simple web browser and an internet connection.

There are no ‘daily’ closeouts and no ‘month - end’ requirements for resident managers. Together with the processing speed of our software, resident managers find they spend much less time on their PC and much more time actually managing your property.

Transactions Shared Instantly

Resident payments at remote locations are instantly posted to a centralized data base. This information can then be shared by all people within the organization. Delinquent aging reports, A/P cash requirement reports with bank balance amounts, and vacancy status reports are all updated instantly when the manager posts transactions, allowing everyone better and more timely information with which to make decisions.

On-Line Resident Payments

On-line resident payment processing reduces chances of theft. The ‘on-line’ nature of our payment processing at remote locations significantly reduces the chances of fraud and abuse because all information is in real-time and resident receipts are computer generated.

On-Line Resident Status

On-line resident status changes keep important information current. Move-ins, move-outs and all resident notices can be processed by resident managers as they occur, giving everyone – including main office staff- accurate vacancy and delinquent aging reports.

Accurate Prorate Calculations

Prorate calculations are automatic, preventing errors and taking the gues-work out of the calculation by managers.

No More Manual Ledger Cards

All computer generated resident payment ledgers are accurate, eliminating the need to maintain manual ledger cards.

Software Generated Receipts

No more manual receipts given for resident payments. Our property management software generated receipts can be given to the resident when payment is made. This leaves a record of receipts given and matches payments applied to resident accounts. Experience has shown that this significantly reduces instances of fraud.

A/P Invoices and Work Orders

If the central office approves, resident managers can enter A/P invoices for payment and can enter work order requests at the site. This information is instantly integrated into the main data base. Main office personnel can then write A/P checks for the property and can review and approve work order requests. ccount. If you want, have receipts automatically deposited to one bank account and A/P disbursements paid from another.