Post A/R Charges and Credits


The purpose of this process is to ensure the proper posting of charges/invoices, credits, reversals and NSF or returned checks. You can print a record of these charges/credits immediately. A monthly statement can be prepared at the end of each month for any, or all, Customer monthly account activity. All transactions can be seen on the history report and partial refunds, reversals, credits, and other transactions can be made.

Enter the Item Information

After ensuring selection of the correct customer account, enter the information for each transaction in the correct field. The On-Line Help function will guide you if you have questions. Important points to rememeber are: To create a credit, type a minus sign in front of the amount. A minus sign will automatically appear if 'B' or 'N' file option is selected. The 'auth' field allows several special functions. In addition to its standard usage, there are three (3) special authorizations you can use here 'BAK', 'REF', 'NSF' (you need to use the quotation marks)! These items allow you to reverse a receipt, refund a receipt, or record one as an nsf. This is only used when you wish to post a partial amount (not the full amount). Make note: you MUST prefix these special authorizations with a single (') or double (") quote mark! The Description can be up to 60 characters and will be reflected on the customer statement. If you want to exceed 60 characters simply use the text editor to edit this record then extend the description. The system provides the means to correct wrong transactions and you should use these provided file options rather than enter another transaction. This will ensure the G/L accounts originally used will be used again.

Select G/L Account#s

Each charge or credit can be applied to up to eight general ledger accounts. Be very careful when selecting the G/L account numbers for a transaction and always use the system to correct a transaction if necessary. G/L account selection determines the proper accounting of a transaction and its reflection on financial statements. If the wrong account number is used to post a transaction, correction can be made easily in the same accounting period, usually by a reversing entry. However, if month-end updating has occurred, transactions have been reported on financial statements and cannot be made to go away. They can be corrected, but the error and the correction will show on financial statements.

Select a FILE Option

It is important to select the correct file option when attempting to file an item. The [R]everse option allows you to reverse an invoice, credit or previous receipt. You would also [R]everse a receipt when notified the receipt has been rejected by the bank for Non-Sufficient funds (or some other reason). The [RF] (refund) option allows you to reverse a receipt, but issue an a/p check back to the payee! The re[P]rint option allows the printing, or reprinting, of an invoice. This will override the response you gave to the prompt just prior to accessing this program.

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