Hometastic Web Services


The Advantos Enterprise ® application comes with a web module called Hometastic. This module is a stand-alone .NET web application offered to clients of Advantos Systems, Inc. who use the Advantos Enterprise application. This application is available to those management companies either leasing or purchasing the Advantos Enterprise;® property management software.


The Hometastic web module has various administrative procedures to set up web sites for property management company's clients (homeowners associations, commercial property, apartment units, etc). In addition, Hometastic has the ability to create web sites for individual property management companies. This documentation will greatly assist the Advantos Enterprise manager to understand the various integration requirements and processes which greatly reduce the need for high cost business administrators to perform various mundane tasks Advantos Enterprise can easily perform. The following procedures have been documented and are of great assistance to the Hometastic web administration tool. Click a link to access its documentation.

  Hometastic - Overview
  Hometastic - Activate an HOA
  Web Portal
  Hometastic A/P Approval

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