Trust Receivable Example Procedures


Below are detailed guides to assist with setup & configuration as well as daily operational procedures. These guides and operational assistance are separated into functional categories. These categories range from daily to monthly procedures, configurations, e-services, and miscellaneous procedures

These procedures are written in a manner that helps the administrator understand why and how a procedure is used. Often, there are specific detailed instructions and a generalized description of the procedure itself. Screen-shots of web-forms are often used to illustrate various options offered the user.

Daily Procedures

  Adding a Unit
  Post Charges & Credits
  Post Receipts
  Remittance Processing
  Process Bank Deposits
  Receipts on Collections
  Violation Tracking
  Letter Generation
  Move-Ins & Move-Outs

Monthly Procedures

  Create Delinquent Fees
  Change Monthly Rent/Fees
  Statement Newsletters
  Prepare Monthly Statements
  Reset Statement Balance
  NACHA Transfer Processing

Setup and Configuration

  Statement Configuration
  T/R Invoice Codes
  Remittance File Specs
  NACHA File Specifications
  Setup Unit File Balance Forwards


  Email Statements
  Hometastic Websites
  Credit Card Services


  Change of Ownership
  Payoff Information
  Insurance Policies
  Insurance Premiums
  Application Rules
  Import T/R Invoices

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