Client System Frequently Asked Questions


There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions answered here. In order to view the answer(s) you should click on the question and you will be able to review the answer.

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What if the wrong name is entered for a client?

Go to the Client Maintenance program and call up the client# you wish to change. When you are asked to return to line#, press [F3] to access the Address Book. Change the name.

Can the A/P accounting method be changed for a client?

Usually, you should not change an accounting method once it has been selected and transactions have been processed under the original method. Normally the 'Accrual' method is used because management needs GAAP accounting information to make management decisions. Sometimes A/P is prepared on a 'Cash' basis, which is normally done for tax returns only and under other unusual circumstances.

If you DO want to change the accounting method anyway, you can. The system will automatically check to see if there are any unpaid AP invoices and also if there are any pre-paid invoices on the system. If not, it will allow the change to be made.

What does the billing cycle year-end mean?

This field, in the Client Maintenance file, is used by the A/R system to determine when to create automatic charges for a Resident/Owner. This has no effect if monthly billing has been selected. However, if you have selected bi-monthly, quarterly, every fourth-month, semi-annually or annual then the system needs to know when the billing cycle year-end is so charges are created properly. e.g. billing cycle yr-end = May, billing cycle = quarterly: automatic charges will be created on Jun 1, Sep 1, Dec 1, and Mar 1. Note: these are not created based on a calendar year.

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