Accounts Payable System Overview


The Advantos Enterprise Accounts Payable module is meant to stream-line check preparation; to set up and maintain a vendor data base, including information necessary for the preparation of 1099s; to provide a wide range of reports; to update the General Ledger System automatically with any A/P transactions made; and to update bank accounts when checks are issued or voided.

Address Book

Like all the other modules, the Accounts Payable module maintains information on vendor names, mailing addresses and phone numbers in a central Address Book also used by all the other modules. Some vendors (insurance companies come to mind) may have different addresses, in which case that vendor will need to have more than one separate name in the Address Book. Except for this exception, there should be no reason for duplicate names in the central Address Book. This is because different modules can share the same name in the address book. Thus, if an A/P vendor is also a resident in one of the projects you manage, there should still be just one name in the central Address Book.

Some vendor information will continue to be maintained in the Accounts Payable module, like licensing information and tax identification numbers. Addresses are set up and maintained in the Address Book. Users should review Address Book records carefully before pulling a name into A/P, since a vendor may occasionally have more than one record if different addresses have been used for that vendor.

Vendor SetUp & Maintenance

The main purpose of this module is to give you the ability to update the Vendor data base, primarily for mailing information, but also for information necessary to monitor the expiration of vendor licenses and to track total payments to vendors. Also, vendor files can be coded for future preparation of 1099s.

Sometimes, a payment will need to be made to a vendor just one time. These non-recurring payments are typically made to vendors who are receiving a one-time refund (often a resident in one of the units). Rather than require that you create a vendor record for a one-time payment, a special vendor number can be used in the system for use as a Refunds Vendor. It is usually vendor number 9999 but can be any number that was initially created when your account was originally set up. It is not a good idea to use the special vendor for any entity where history will need to be tracked on that vendor, since all payments to different vendors using the Refunds Vendor are combined in one history. Multiple invoices using the Refunds Vendor will always have a separate check produced for each invoice.

Invoice Creation & Maintenance

It is very easy to record invoices in the Advantos Enterprise Accounts Payable module. Invoices can be posted using multiple general ledger account#s. Also, an invoice can be posted in one month and paid in another. Prepaid invoices (checks written manually and subsequently entered in Accounts Payable) and credit memos (negative invoices) can be posted. Recurring or automatic invoices can be setup to post automatically each month. Invoices can be changed or deleted and due dates can be changed in order to move the payment date to another check run. Also, invoices can be paid from any bank account owned by a client.

Check Preparation

The check-writing portion of the A/P System lets you review posted invoices to make sure all information is correct before paying them. On-screen reports are available for review of invoices prior to check preparation. These reports list all invoices by client and give you all the information you need to determine whether payment should be made on any particular invoice. Once the payment information is reviewed, changes can be input and reviewed before checks are printed or the payment can be delayed by marking that invoice not to be approved.

All checks are printed by laser printer. Special software allows you to design your own checks and print them on special blank check stock that you can order from many supply houses. Our software prints the bank account information, check number and all other printed information on these blank forms. This feature of the system reduces risk of lost or stolen check stock, and the need to record and secure numbered checks or vouchers. Also, user access to the check printing process can be limited by the security level assigned to each user.

You can quickly void a check, using a special Void Check program. Another key feature is the ability to reprint one or all checks in a run. This is especially useful if your printer or paper stock has caused problems.


Many different reports are available to help you in monitoring the position of vendors and paid and unpaid invoices. Other reports assist in balancing A/P to the General Ledger.

Miscellaneous Utilities

You can access various utilities are in A/P. Printing labels for all vendors, preparing 1099s, printing blank A/P checks (for prepaids), reprinting A/P checks etc. are all available. These processes have been developed over time and have proven useful to many clients in the course of their businesses.

End-of-Month Processes

The Advantos Enterprise A/P module can be maintained on a cash basis or accrual basis, and is kept on a monthly basis. If the module is in April, for example, all A/P transactions that occur while the A/P module is in April will be posted in April. For example, if you write an A/P check while the module is in April but you date the check as May 3, the transaction will still be posted in April and show up on the financial records for April. In this respect, the software is not Date Sensitive. If you accidentally enter an invoice on the system and by accident date it 4 months previous to April, it will not create posting transactions and thus change the financial statements for January.

The end-of-month process has been streamlined and a checklist is available to take the operator quickly through the necessary balancing and review steps prior to update of the module to the new month. Once this is complete, the A/P module will be updated to the next month and ready for you to enter invoices for the new month.

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