Application Security Management


The Advantos Enterprise application software is designed around common business practices within the property management industry. These business practices interface with the application software and are administered by the Advantos Enterprise manager. A variety of example procedures are documented in order to assist the Advantos Enterprise manager to work through solutions to their everyday business procedures.

These Advantos Enterprise Office Admin business procedures are used throughout the management company on a daily basis. This documentation will greatly assist the Advantos Enterprise manager to understand the various integration techniques and process which greatly reduce the need for high cost business administrators to perform various mundane tasks Advantos Enterprise can easily perform. The following procedures have been documented and are of great assistance to the Advantos Enterprise Enterprise manager. Click a link to access its documentation.

Currently Active Assistance

  Maintain User Profile
  Maintain Menu/Verb Security
  Restrict Account Access
  Advantos Enterprise Security Map
  Configure MS-IE Security for Advantos Enterprise v7x Access
  Install a secure FTP Client Application


  Advantos Enterprise Access via SSH

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