Client System Key Operating Tasks


The Client records are the foundation upon which this software product is built. Each set of books can represent a different organization; an apartment complex, a condominium association, a company, a division or department, a branch office, or a project. This offers you a very flexible environment within which to manage your accounting operations. Once the software knows which type of property you are working on at any given time, it will handle functions differently, based on the type of property identified in the client record. For example, when you move a resident into a unit, the software will first check to see what type of property this is in the client record. If the client is an apartment, it will calculate the pro-rate rent automatically and charge that to the unit on move-in. However, it the client is a homeowners association, it will not calculate any pro-rate charge on move-in of the resident.

The main tasks to be performed in the Client Maintenance System are discussed at length below.

Client Maintenance

Each set of books is created and assigned to one specific Client. Each of these clients should be assigned an actual client number. This number should be any number from 10 to 9999. You should not assign a client number of less than 10. A Client can have several sets of books. For example, you can have owner ABC that owns five properties. Each of these properties can have its own client number. Then, at the end of the month, you can print individual financial statements for each property or you can consolidate all five into one financial statement. In another example, you can have an HOA association that has different 'funds'. You can assign a different client number to each fund then, at the end of the month, you can print individual financial statements for each property or you can consolidate all of them into one financial statement. However, no set of books, or any other record on the system, can exist without being assigned to a specific Client. This process creates and maintains the client record. This process is used sparingly since its sole purpose is to create a Client record.

Each set of books can have as many bank accounts associated with it as you want. For example, it can have three checking accounts, four money market and 3 savings accounts. Each set of books can also 'share' a bank account with several other books. For example, you can have a bank account 'trust' account shared by twenty different properties or more, if you wish.

Delete Client from System

Once a client has been added to the system, which is done through the Client Maintenance Program, there may come a time when you wish to delete the Client. This usually occurs because you are no longer providing services to the Client. Under these circumstances, you generally want to purge all data from the other files relating to this deleted Client. This process purges those other files.

Miscellaneous Reports

This process provides some reports on your Clients. Name and address list being among the more important.

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