ACH Configuration


The ACH process requires that a properly formatted NACHA transmittal file be configured so that the bank designated to receive the file will accept and process the information in the file. There is a significant amount of variety that is acceptable within a NACHA file. ACH payment transactions are initiated by your bank using the NACHA file you send to them. This ACH netowrk serves as a safe, secure, and reliable network for direct consumer, business, and government payments.

The ACH transaction process transfers funds from an originator (your association) to a recipient (the homeowner) via the ACH network, in accordance with NACHA rules. The following is a partial list of available transactions routed through the ACH network:

  • Direct deposit transactions, including payroll, gov't benefits, and tax refunds.
  • Collections transactions, such as premiums of dues payments.
  • Tax payments.
  • Electronically submitted consumer bill payments.
  • E-checks.
  • Business-to-business payments and E-commerce.

This is the configuration file controlling electronic funds transactions (EFTs). This file informs the EFT processes how to prepare the EFT files. The file pointer EFTFILE determines where to send and get the EFT files. Note: ACH files are prepared but Remittance files are not.

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