Remittance Processing


The purpose of this process is to post payments to the Advantos software from customers that make payment directly to a bank or other financial institution. The bank accepts the payment, along with either a coupon or our billing statement having the OCR scan line on the document, and deposits it into the designated bank account. The bank then creates a text file of all payments received for the day and forwards this text file to your company. The Advantos Enterprise remittance function will process this text file and record the payments automatically as you process this file. For setup and configuration information click here.

The Remittance process includes the following steps:

The Deposit

You should receive a bank report from your bank that indicates how much has been deposited with any particular remittance file they send you. Process this file through the screen seen below. This will place all the items from the remittance file into a 'Pre-deposit' file in Advantos.

Once the remittance file has been processed in, regardless of where the server is located, run a pre-deposit report (see below) and compare this report total to your bank report. If there is a difference, identify the error. If it is an error in data entry, use the leftmost column (highlighted in blue) to select the item that needs to be corrected. Once you have selected the item that needs to be corrected, you can either 'Void' the receipt or change the dollar amount received.

When you are ready to process a remittance deposit, you will process it through the screen below. Only undeposited files are displayed (see below).

Though multiple unprocessed remittance files can be displayed, only one remittance files can be processed at a time.

Processing Errors

If you notice an error prior to the deposit and while the remittance file is in a 'Pre-deposit' state, and you would like to reverse the entire posting transaction and get the remittance file out of the pre-deposit state, you can reverse it in the screen below. After processing remittance file(s) as a deposit, however, you cannot reverse a remittance file.

Sometimes, the bank will send you a remittance file that has some bad data in it. Perhaps they included a unit that does not exist, or included a non-existent client number. In this example, your bank report also does not match your pre-deposit report, and after processing the remittance file, the Advantos software will tell you to check the log. After processing the remittance file as a pre-deposit, there can still be errors that need to be corrected but do not require you to reverse the entire remittance file from the pre-deposit file. Review the application log to view any errors. The following are defined errors in the log:

  1. Invalid deposit date
  2. Invalid payment amount
  3. Invalid payment (less than 0)
  4. Invalid Client
  5. Invalid Customer
  6. Check already posted
  7. Control characters in data
    • Client
    • Cust
    • Payment amount
    • Payment date
    • Check number
  8. Apartment-type Vacant unit

If any errors are displayed in this log, it will be necessary for you to make a correction. If the receipt wasn't posted the user can Post a Receipt manually, with an "RMP" payment source, then add the remittance processing file name to the 'EFT Transaction No.' field, as in the screen below. This will allow all of the payments on a remittance file to be processed together on one deposit.

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