Reset Billing Balance(s)

Reset EOM/BOM Billing Balances

Some of your clients might have you send out email or paper invoices to their customers each billing cycle. Sometimes, a customer statement can become "unbalanced". Monthly statements take the beginning balance from last month's ending statement balance, add the charges and subtracts the credits, created during the current month, calculates a balance due, and finally compares that balance with the current account balance which is displayed on the top of the invoice, for validation purposes, then writes the new statement balance in the Customer file.

This process lets you adjust a Customers Beginning-of-Month and End-of-Month statement balances to correct an unbalanced statement.

Reset Customer Statement Balance

Imbalances can occur when a statement has been run, projecting the primary and other recurring charges for next month (that have not yet been created), and then prior to the month-end these primary charges for next month are altered. The beginning balance, for next month, is now out of sync with the actual, which will throw next month's statement out of balance. Another way it might become out of balance is if the statement cycle has been altered, or the billing cycle year-end has been changed.

The software will notify you if any statements are out of balance by posting which units are out of balance in the Security System Application Logs. This program can fix such imbalances. Find out why this has occurred, so that Users can be provided additional training so as not to create the same problem.

The beginning balance can be taken from last month's Customer Name and Info report, or the Delinquency report. The ending balance will always be recalculated then posted. This posted balance will be updated to the beginning balance when the EOM update is performed. This is why you should run the statements then make sure you make no more transactions until after the EOM update has been performed and next month's automatic invoices are created.

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