Hometastic - Activate HOA


Access to the Hometastic® web sites is as simple as navigating to a specific URL defined by the Advantos SaaS management company clients. An HOA needs to be activated to use this service. This is accomplished by changing the Client Maintenance form for this HOA. This displays the HOA in the Hometastic admimistration tool. You should then edit that HOA and modify their information then [Save] the site.

The following steps need to be performed in order to activate an HOA for Hometastic use.

Client Maintenance

Within the Advantos® application, navigate to the Client Maintenance web form. Define the sub-directory this HOA will use. This sub-directory will be referred to by all users of this HOA's web site. Do not, and we repeat do not, use any spaces or special characters in the directory name; make it a single word! Also, keep the work "lower-cased", as unix is a case sensitive environment.

Once this is accomplished you should navigate to this HOA's address book, by clicking on the address book icon on this same Client Maintenance web form...

...and give this HOA a web password based on an access type of "User Access".

Give this address book item an email address then go ahead and [Save] the address book entry and the HOA record in the Client Maintenance form. Once this is accomplished this HOA will appear in the Hometastic Administration tool.

Hometastic Administration Tool

Log into the Hometastic Administration tool using the credentials provided to you by Advantos. Log in as a Management Company, which is the default.

You will now see the HOA in the list of HOAs with the client# in the "Id" column. On the right side of the grid row for this HOA is an "Edit" link.

Click on the "Edit" link to manage this HOA's information. In this page update the information in the various tabs then click on the [Save] button at the bottom of the page. This will create the appropriate website on the Hometastic servers.

You will now be able to utilize the Hometastic services for the individual HOA activated through this process. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Advantos.

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