Generate Accounts Receivable Statements


The purpose of this process is to provide a customer transaction summary for each unit within the property. This is accomplished in the form of monthly statements. These statements are usually run at the end of the month, since they reflect all account transactions since the last month-end update. In addition to these monthly statements, you can print individual invoices, when they are posted, then mail or give them to your Customers. This speeds up the collection process dramatically, especially when you generally send one billing a month and only want your Customers to see the charges, not the receipts. The invoices and statements can be printed on letterhead paper or on plain paper. This gives you several options for printing both invoices and statements.

Statements can have several formats; return stub on top or bottom or email. Statements should be prepared first. Once prepared they may be re-printed and are available via the Hometastic ™ Web Portal directly to owners/residents. When statements are prepared those units who ask to receive them via email will be prepared along with the printed statements. Be careful because these emails are normally retained in your SFTP "email" sub-directory provided by Advantos ® then sent at about 10pm each evening.

Generate an Invoice

To create an "invoice" for a customer, select the Post Charges and Credits process, then click the [Print] button. Additionally, you can Print A/R invoices in Bulk by navigating to "Miscellaneous > Print Bulk A/R Invoices". The print file will contain invoices for all transactions posted while in the program, no matter how many customers you post transactions to. As such, you can batch the output for all invoices created during any session using the Create Individual Invoices program.

Generate Customer Statements

To create the Monthly Statements run the customer statement process. Statements should only be created after all the other items on the Month End Checklist are done, to ensure all account information is correct, and all adjustments have been made. The statements will reflect all account activity, including posted charges or credits, recurring charges, receipts adjustments, reversals and other corrections. Statements can be generated more than one time during the month, however, they have generally been designed to be run once a month, reflecting account information since the last end-of-month update. If they are run more than once a month the transactions appearing on the statement prepared earlier in the month will also be included on the second statement run during the month. This concept makes it extremely easy to correct and resend any Customer statement you wish.

Another option is to run statements for each client separately, with a separate print file for each client, so you can separate the selection of letterhead, but this take a lot more time and is not really necessary. Special formats can be designed for statements, but you will need to contact your Software Tech Support for help.

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