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The purpose of this process is to assist in setting up a filing system for real estate management clients. This procedure shows how to set up files and how to label them. See program 'LABELS.FILE' to print special files in a 1 by 12 format to ensure a new client is set up properly.

Filing System Notes

The filing system used is made up of three (3) different types of files:

  1. Financial Files - These files consist of documents which pertain to any and all financial transactions for clients.
  2. Client Files - These files contain all documents which pertain to clients not of a financial transaction nature and do not pertain to any of a client's residents/owners.

The purpose of such a filing system is to allow all personnel within your office to handle the dissemination of information to outside agencies or to any other parties who need such information.

Generally speaking, documents filed reflect the authorization for transactions and actions you take on behalf of clients. These authorizations substantiate information input into the computer information system. Although not every action you take is input into the computer information system, please keep the authorizations for your actions as a permanent record for clients and as justification for those actions.

Real Estate Management Client Filing System

The following variables are defined and used throughout:

  • xxx = Client#
  • zz = Customer#
  • yy = Month & year of file
File Id File Name
xxx.01.1 Management Authority and Client set-up
xxx.02.1 Owners/Board/Stockholder Information
xxx.03.1 Legal Information
xxx.04.1 Bank Account/Investment Information
xxx.05.1 Assets/Notes Receivable Information
xxx.06.1 Leases/Mortgage/Notes Payable Information
xxx.07.1 Employment Information
xxx.08.1 Government Agency Information
xxx.09.1 Audits/Budgets/Taxes/Assessments
xxx.10.1 Insurance - Premium & Policy Information
xxx.10.2 Insurance - Claims Information
xxx.11.1 Memberships/Affiliations/Subscriptions
xxx.12.1 Advertising/Marketing Information
xxx.13.1 Reserved for Future Use
xxx.14.1 Reserved for Future Use
xxx.15.1 Historical Financial Information (Microfilmed)
xxx.15.yy Current Fiscal Year's Financial Information

NOTE: The labels are to be placed in the right corner of the file folder. Type them as follows:

Client's Name xxx.xx.x
File Description

Customer files follow the above group for all clients. Instead of a file number, the customer files use their Customer Account# (i.e. xxx.Cust#). Don't forget to create a file for customer number 'OTHER' !

Explanation of Contents of Files

The following is a brief summary of the contents of these files. The notations (r) and (l) means the documents are to be filed on the (r)ight side or (l)eft side of the file:

File Id Description of Contents
xxx.01.1 Management Agreements (r), Owner's Authorizations and Client Set-Up information (l).
xxx.02.1 List of Owners/Partners/Directors and any correspondence between firm and these people.
xxx.03.1 Legal information relating to Client relationships with attorneys, lawsuits, etc.
xxx.04.1 All information regarding bank accounts (l) and investment a ccounts (r).
xxx.05.1 All information pertaining to assets (l) and any other notes receivables (r).
xxx.06.1 All information regarding mortgages and other notes payable.
xxx.07.1 Employment contracts and other correspondence.
xxx.08.1 Government communication & reports (excluding taxes).
xxx.09.1 Budgets, audits & work papers associated with both (l) and corporate taxes, asmnts, etc (r).
xxx.10.1 Insurance policies and correspondence (r). Premium & billing information (l).
xxx.10.2 Claims information (r). Claims summary (l).
xxx.11.1 Memberships and documents (l) and Subscriptions and affiliations (r).
xxx.12.1 All advertising contracts, marketing information, etc.
xxx.15.1 Microfilmed copies of old financial statments (by month).
xxx.15.yy Current copies of all Financial Information (in one folder per month).
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