Zip Code Maintenance


Postal codes are referred to as "Zip Codes" in the United States. They are generally referred to as postal codes throughout the rest of the world. In the Advantos application, it is necessary to identify a country that is associated with the postal code being entered. The United States zip codes are an exception to this requirement, as the country is assumed to be the USA when entering US zip codes.

A postal code entry contains the city and state for any entered postal code. When creating a postal code simply select the country then enter the appropriate postal code. Then enter both a city and a state that will be printed on the address. Many countries don't have states, so that field can be left blank, or the field is mostly free-form so you can enter anything you want that will be printed as part of the address. When entering a postal code anywhere else in the Advantos application all postal codes, except U.S. zip codes, are prefaced by the country code and a period (e.g. CN.V6H 3V1 for Vancover, BC Canada).

Be careful about this postal code system. It allows any format of zip code entry for non-U.S. countries. e.g. "V6H 3V1" (a space in this code) is allowed. Leading and trailing spaces are not allowed, nor is any lower-case letters. For U.S. zip codes the user is only allowed to enter a five digit number, the five plus four digits are maintained within the address book, not in the codes file. For U.S. zip codes, there is a slight enhancement that allows users to create a single zip code for multiple cities. When entering a zip code you can add a alphabetic digit to the end; so "98501" is for Olympia, WA, while "98501A" can be for Tumwater, WA, and "98501B" can be for Lacey, WA. When you enter this kind of modified zip code to an address book entry you would enter "98501" or "98501A" or "98501B".

Zip Code

Enter the valid postal code to enter or change. For USA zip codes, use a five (5) digit code ONLY, not the 9 digit five+4 zip code. For international codes prefix the code with the country prefix, followed with a period (.). e.g. "CN.H3Z 3C1" for Montreal, Ontario Canada). A list of the available countries, and their codes, can be accessed by clicking on the dropdown list for the country.


Enter the city for this postal code (or country postal code). It could be anything like 'New York', 'London', 'Tokyo', etc.


Enter the state code for the postal code entered. For the United States, use the two (2) digit standard postal state code (e.g. ID-Idaho, WA-Washington, etc). This is automatically available in a dropdown list. For foreign addresses, enter the name of their county/province/etc (e.g. ONTARIO in Canada, KENT in the UK, etc).

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